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Nonviolent protest | Strasbourg | September 15, 2012

Lyme sans frontières
24 quai Zorn
67000 Strasbourg, France

Non violent protest
Place : Place Klébert, Strasbourg
Date : September 15, 2012

A nonviolent protest which aims to denounce the existing denial of chronic Lyme borreliosis will be carried out by Lyme Sans Frontières (Lyme without borders) on Saturday Sept 15 at 1.30pm at Place Kléber in Strasbourg.

The protest was declared to the French Authorities (Strasbourg Prefect’s office) and has been accepted by the latter as well as by the Police authorities.

We invite you to join us and assure a very high presence to express your disapproval concerning the lack of information and prevention, research, access to diagnosis, lack of training for physicians which results in lack of care for patients, both children and adults. We’d also like to emphasize during this protest, the existing harassment on physicians, biologists, pharmacists for “assisting persons in danger”.

The protest procession will start at Place Kléber, and will move to the Regional Health Agency (Maréchal Juin street). Then the group shall dissipate peacefully.

For those coming from other regions (as well as all local supporters) we shall meet at 9am at “La tête de Lard” restaurant (3 rue Hannong). The owner of this place –whom we thank warmly- made a friendly proposal to help you spend your day in Strasbourg:

  • 9AM: Reception of participants. You will have the possibility to leave your luggage for the day. Breakfast: coffee/ plain or herbal tea / fruit juice: 1€50 or full breakfast (fruit juice, hot drink, pastry) 5€ incl VAT
  • 11AM early lunch including 1 drink (beer, wine of mineral water) + starter + main course + coffee 15 € incl VAT
  • 12.15PM lunch (same as above)
  • At 13.15 we’ll leave the place to go to Place Kléber, a 5 minutes walk from the restaurant.
  • After the protest, we’ll go back to the restaurant where the General Assembly will take place (at 3 pm).
  • We’ll leave the place by 4.15 pm to allow the staff get the room ready for the evening service

And we may return for dinner, at 7.30pm : appetizer + wine + starter + main course + coffee :20€ incl VAT

For organizational reasons (the restaurant has a capacity of 180 seats) we ask you to kindly fill out the form below and send it before September 1st
After this date, we’ll take into account your participation to the extent possible

For those who will not be attending breakfast and lunch, we’ll meet you at Place Kléber at 1.30 pm

See you all soon, without borders, at Place Klébert, on September 15!

Fill out this form by ticking the appropriate box(es), then send it to Lyme sans Frontières before September 1st:

First and last Name:

9AM coffee/drink 1€50

9AM full breakfast 5€

11am lunch (first service) 15€

12.15 pm lunch (second service) 15€

7.30 pm dinner 20€

Remarks :


details taken and completed within the PDF document

this text and the attached registration – PDF

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