Un petit pas sur la « lune Lyme », un grand pas pour l’Humanité!




History was made, and has set a precedent, for all Lyme disease patients in a lawsuit, in which attorney, William L’Esperance, a longtime part of the Lyme Disease United Coalition, has won a case where the Office of Professional Management (OPM), on the side of the insurance company, has been overruled.

The Lyme disease patient, in the lawsuit, submitted bills for hundreds of medical services, treatments, and tests. The court ruled that the Lyme disease patient wins the case without regard to the medical necessity of the patient; or whether the medical treatments or tests were medically necessary or experimental or investigative. The case isGLIBOWSKI VS. US OFFICE OF PERSONNEL MGMT., 09-CV-1039MCA (US DISTRICT COURT, DISTRICT OF NEW MEXICO).

The case is sealed. However, attorney William L’Esperance has filed the case and outcome with the United States Federal Courts to set precedence to aid all Lyme disease patients in lawsuits against their insurance companies, and OPM, for not covering the ILADS guidelines or Dr. Burrascano’s guidelines in treatment of Lyme disease.

What does this mean to each of us?

1. The door has opened for Lyme-treating doctors to accept insurance — once all is established in U.S. Federal Court. (I will keep you posted about the advance of this outcome.)

2. You may now sue your insurance company for past bills not covered or reimbursed by insurance. The OPM cannot hold you back — in other words, the IDSA’S guidelines are no longer accepted.

To contact our hero, attorney Bill L’Esperance, e-mail:walesperance@wwdb.org

William L’Esperance, Counselor at Law

P.O. Box 90668

Albuquerque, NM 87199

Une traduction en français de cet article sera disponible dans quelques jours.




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